The line was completed by 30 September 1865. The Company operating the line was the Newport Pagnell Railway In 1866 the line was open to goods, parcel and cattle traffic. The Station opened on the 2 September 1867 on the east side of Bradwell on Bradwell Road where a ceremonial opening took place. In 1875 the line was taken over by the London and North Western Railway where they provided the passenger service from the opening. The line eventually closed to passenger service on the 7.9.1964 that is just over 97 years of operation. The line continued with goods traffic complete closure on 22 May 1967.

7 July 1963 (David Farron Collection)

"Tickets Please"
 84002(LF) at Bradwell 27 June 1959

Date Unknown (David Farron Collection)

Bradwell Station c.1963 BR Standard  2MT-A 2-6-2T No.41222 (David Farron Collection)

4P-C.  2-6-4T Built 25/06/1946 Withdrawn 31/05/1967 Cut up 31/10/1967. BR. Lms. 42233 Bunker-first with the 18:01 Newport Pagnell to Wolverton.Passing Bradwell Windmill 08.1963
© Colour-Rail (David Farron Collection)
From an online Auction

Many Views of Bradwell Station.Years ranging from 40's 50's and 60's

Bradwell Station c.1962 BR Standard 2MT 2-6-2T No.84002 (David Farron Collection)

 Dear Cyril, just a p.c. hoping you are in good health like myself. I also hope Charlie is better. I have much pleasure in sending you this handkerchief I had it given to me at the social I should have kept it if it had have a green boarder. What do I hear you say 2 greens don’t match. Remember me to Vic. With best wishes Sybil xxx 

A post card, no date. The Mill that the Newport Nobby line passed.



c.2015 Media Photo

BR Standard Class 2MT 2-6-2T  84002 at Bradwell Station circa 1963
(David Farron Collection) (A John Barrow Pic) (c/o Alan Chandler)

   6 April 1963
A very publicised post card with the station gardens kept in good order probably around the turn of the century.
Standing on the footbridge just past the "Triangle" looking towards Bradwell Mill

LMS Class '2MT' 41223 taken at Bradwell, 12th May 1962.
Note the private sidings to the Lime Works and Bradwell Mill in the Distance

c.1900 Waiting for the Newport Pagnell to Wolverton approaching Bradwell. 

A few months before closure, this the 5 May 1964. (L.Hanson)

The change of views over the years around the Canal and Bradwell Station

August 1972 Facing Bradwell High Street and Railway houses. To the left up the hill is Bradwell Station.

Above  (John Sprittles Collection)
Below (Google maps perspective) 
"Changes c.1976 & 2019" New Bradwell.Top left (The Co-Op) Top right & bottom left 
(High Street)

Railway houses with the 3 Story "Formans" House at the end.

Further along Bradwell Road into Bradville

Beginnings of the Bradville development top right and the Bradwell Mill top left.

Auto Train at Bradwell.  2-6-2t, 41222 waiting departure on 12 May 1962 (© Ben Brookshank)
 (David Farron Collection)

Gardener poses for Photo for post card Post Mark 1915 (David Farron Collection)

13 Feb 1962 (David Farron Collection)

Train just arriving at Bradwell Station.                    Station date 22 April 1959 (David Farron Collection)

Wolverton Triangle for the Newport Pagnell Branch line,2 November 1971Then and Now Publication.                 (David Farron Collection)

Canal near Bradwell Station to the right, in the distance is New Bradwell and also the station and works chimney can be seen far left. (David Farron Collection)

Withdrawal of services



c1960 Train leaving Bradwell. This photo gives a very clear view of the Water tower.

A very publicised post card of Bradwell Road (Canal Hill) and in the distance the canal bridge can bee seen and onward to Bradwell Station.

New Canal Canal Bridge Post Card (un-posted) Looking East from Canal Bridge.
Bradwell Canal Bridge. To the left is the New Inn. There appears to be an advertising board with the name "Green's"

The New Canal Bridge Post Card (un-posted) c.1960

A deserted Bradwell Station now closed. Only goods trains will pass here. 1965

84002(LF) at Bradwell for Newport Pagnell 27 June 1959

Arriving and leaving Bradwell Station on one of the few trains running on the last day of service 5 September 1964. Mrs.Walters, the station porter stands in front of the written sign "Marples must go" then Transport Minster Ernest Marples employing Dr Beeching to axe railway lines that at the time were making a loss. (L Hanson)

E.Goodman scrapyard Bradwell 1965 (©Horace Gamble.)

The Two Engines that could be seen from Old Bradwell Road in E.Goodman Brothers scrap yard on the left looking towards Bradwell Station were HL3138/15 and AB2138/14.  People assumed these were from the Branch line.

This one; Hawthorn Leslie HL3138 Holwell  0-6-0 Saddle Tank built in 1915 Started work on the Buckminster Quarries operated by Holwell Iron Company. In 1928 it was transferred to Buckminster Quarries. With spells of work at other quarries it was given a full rebuild at the Corby Works in 1958. In 1962, still in working order it was sent for scrap to Goodmans Brothers where it stayed until early 1980’s and then moved to Slough for restoration but never completed. In 2019 it was moved to Peak Rail and a private owner intends to complete the restoration.

E.Goodman scrapyard Bradwell Date un-known (John Sprittle Collection)

E.Goodman Brothers Scrap Yard 1967 (David Farron Collection) A work plate from this engine sold at Auction in 2016. one can see the shadow on the engine cabin where it was fitted.

E.Goodman yard seen from Bradwell Road Railway Bridge. "Note" the flower boarder on the platform April 1959 (David Farron Collection)

c.1968 and September 1972 (David Farron Collection)

Media photo contact proof May 1980 (David Farron Collection)

A sad view of Bradwell station in the summer of 1966. The shine on the rail head shows that trains were using this line to Newport Pagnell albeit only for goods for another year.

School boys; one placing a penny on the line?  c.1958-9 (© Maurice Billington)(David Farron Collection)

41222 Just arrived at Bradwell Unfortunately no date on slide but was with a collection of similar images dated 1962 (David Farron Collection)

Autotrain leaving Bradwell with the station master on platform while a school boy looks on.(David Farron Collection)

New Bradwell, Stantonbury, Bradville including Bradwell Windmill and Bradwell Station c.1980 (David Farron Collection)

Bradwell Station 1961 on the ex-LNWR motor vehicle.

Bradwell Station c.1900 with Train approaching. (David Farron Collection)