Great Linford

The station opened to traffic in on 2nd September 1867. The last passenger train ran on 5 September 1964 and the last goods train passed through on 22 May 1967.

Great Linford post sign 2019 (Rob Crowe)

GTR 1223 BR Standard Class 2 / 2-6-2T (1E Bletchley's) 84004 10am from Wolverton leaving Great Linford to Newport Pagnell 18 March 1961
41222 Class Ivatt 2MT 2-6-2T. The "push-pull" 18:10 Newport Pagnell to Wolverton at Great Linford 1964 (©Horace Gamble at Great Linford)
Pull Push set at Great Linford on 27-6-59 to Wolverton. (©James Harrold)


Fairburn Class 4p-C 2-6-4 / 42105 leaving Great Linford towards Bradwell June 1964 withdrawn   from service in 1966 (David Farron Collection)


LCGB Tour 17-10-64 4MT 2-6-4T 42105 Approaching Gt.Linford 15:20 (David Farron Collection) 

Child train Ticket 30 August 1960

BR 2-6-2T 84002 Leaving Great Linford. The 16:50 Wolverton to Newport Pagnell 26 May 1962.Withdrawn from service 17 April 1965 and cut up on the 30 April 1966.
BR 2-6-2T 84002 The 8.15am Newport Pagnell to Wolverton Leaving Great Linford 17 August 63.
(David Farron Collection) 

Two Images of LMS 4F 0-6-0 With SBLC "THE COBBLER" at Great Linford 1964 September 1964

The photo taken from the window of the of the moving train on the September 1964 The last day of train service (L.Hanson)

Photo taken just before closure (Lens of Sutton)


The train service on its final journey leaving Great Linford To Newport Pagnell. 05-09-1964 (S.Blencowe) 

The last train has gone! a deserted station 1964

84002 Pushes the 8:48am Newport Pagnell to Wolverton Near Great Linford 17-08-1963

The 42062 hauls the 13:13 from Wolverton to Newport Pagnell on the 2 April 1964

Bridge 76a. Great Linford. Built in 1867 to cross the Grand Junction Canal. 2013 (© C.Cox)


 Looking towards Bradwell

Media contact sheet May 1980

Arriving at Great Linford 84002 on the 27-06-59  (©James Harrold)

Great Linford Road Bridge No.8 Looking towards Newport Pagnell on the 27-06-59 (©James Harrold)

Photo undated (David Farron Collection)


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  3. Great collection of photos, thank you, and the better for all the engine details, type, number etc. Cheers!


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