West Coast Main Line

The core route of the WCML runs from London to Glasgow, with branches diverging to Northampton, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool, totalling a route mileage of 700 miles.Services from London to North Wales and Edinburgh also run via the WCML.

Notice of closures from the 7th September 1964

LMS ROYAL SCOT LOCO 4-6-0 No.46154 THE HUSSAR Old Bradwell 27 September 1962

The Concrete Cows were created in 1978 by Canadian artist Liz Leyh
Back drop with Mk 2 Coaches on the WCML c.1980

From Stonebridge park august 1962 class 9f-92059. On the down slow passing under Loughton Road (now Danstead Way) running past Old Bradwell. Note that the electification metal work is now being installed and that the photographer appears to be standing on the down fast when taking this shot. (Colour Rail Image)

LMS 4-6-2 7P Coronation Class No 46239 'City of Chester' passing Wolverton Centre Sidings

Class 321 Railway Unit 321436 at Blue Bridge nr.Wolverton Milton Keynes 1990

Ex LMS Fairburn 42066 - 4P-C 2-6-4T at Wolverton from Newport Pagnell 30 January 1962 seen here on the canal curve from Bradwell

Wolverton Works Rolling Stock at Wolverton centre sidings 1985 (R.Nevman Photo)

                        LMR (SR) 10203 (1B) 04-05-1957. 1-Co-Co-1 2000 hp. Diesel-Electric on 1:55 Wolverhampton to Euston express at Wolverton a                                  (Ben Brooksbank photo died 24.02.2018)

L.N.W.R Promotional Card. Denbigh Hall between Milton Keynes Central and Bletchley

Two 37’s, 37187 and 37151 Hauling aggregate passing the Dunlop and Ranken Wolverton depot. Picture taken on the                      8 September 1982.

BR LMS Coronation 46250 City of Lichfield on 24-03-1961 at Wolverton on The Caledonian over canal bridge.

The Newport Pagnell Branch Line Triangle (David Farron Collection)

BR Class 87.87032@ wolverton from blue bridge c.1980

British Rail Track Plan November 1926

Royal scot class 46119 Lacashire Fusiliar Old Bradwell 29-09-1962 (David Farron Collection)

Type 86's and 87's through Wolverton and across the Culvert in Bradwell (bottom right)

c.1930 post card of West Coast Line over the Culvert in Bradwell

Bridge 71A. Murial from WCML Wolverton (Mat Fascione photo) 2015



LCGB Tour 17-10-64 Bachmann 32-881 London, Midland & Scottish Railway 4MT 2-6-4T '42105' Running out of Bletchley towards Wolverton

84002 On the branch line triangle with the 08-33 to Newport Pagnell  leaving Wolverton 17-8-63

Photo of the incline sidings gives access to the Wolverton Railway Works going under the  down slow up fast and down fast lines South of Wolverton with the Blue bridge beyond the newly built H2 Millers Way. The right is the Up slow.(Roger Templeman)
Unknown Class on the down fast through Wolverton Station

A Replica Wolverton "Bloomer" at Milton Keynes Central Station c.2000

Early 1900 map showing the Newport Pagnell Branch Line

Fenny Stratford - Post Card undated

73000 passing through Old Bradwell 27-09-1962 (David Farron Collection)

on the down fast into Wolverton. 21-07-1962


02-05-1964 2-6-4T 42105 Running through Old Bradwell  is the 12-15 Wolverton to Bletchley. In the distance is St.Lawrence Church and a house 52-54 Vicarage Road (David Farron Collection)

The left picture is a poor production view of the Wolverton Carriage sidings 1908 withThe LNWR 5447 Teutonic class three-cylinder Compound locomotives designed by F.W.Webb.  Scrapped October 1905 to July 1907 Although the same class loco appears in the 1908 photo.

In the space of 30 plus years the sidings have changed with the lifting of most of the rails and nature taking over.The right photo shows a class 82 on the up to London Euston mid 1992

Wolverton Carraige sidings. Photo taken from the railway bank on the Newport Pagnell Branch line triangle

Plate Layers at work south of Wolverton Station

Bridge 70. Carries the trackwork into Wolverton railway works.(© Nigel Cox) 2013.

The Royal Train out of Wolverton towards London Euston. Possibly to be used for the Visit to NAAS by King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra  on April 1904. (David Farron Collection) The photo possibly taken in the vicinity of the concrete cows are now.

©RCTS-Euston to Birmingham 5MT No.45349 14-25 towards Wolverton just passing what is now Rooksley industrial on the 21-07-62. Note; Erection of electrification pylons 

Three Peaks Challenge Day 1 June 19 2014 at Bradwell footbridge  (©David Farron Collection)

24 June 2014 Northan Belle at Bradwell foot bridge.  (©David Farron Collection)

The Midlander 46233 at Bradwell Foot Bridge 8 November 2014.  (©David Farron Collection)

Virgin Trains c.March 2014. a common site for many years at Bradwell Footbridge (©David Farron Collection)

Wolverton Center sidings 2014 (©David Farron Collection)

Class 86 at Wolverton station  c.March 1983