Newport Pagnell

Newport Pagnell Station opened on 2 September 1867 the station  building consisted of a brick built building, and extensive goods facilities existed further along the line. The last passenger train ran on 6 September 1964 and the next day the Station closed to passengers. The last goods train moved out of the station on 22 May 1967 and the Station closed completely. The Station site is now under Shepherd's Close, a modern residential development.

Newport Pagnell Railway
Engineers Office
Newport Pagnell Bucks

July 26th1864

My Dear Sir,

I should feel much obliged if you would allow us to enter upon your land for works at once, instead of waiting until the 5th August (which is I believe the day on which we can legally enter). As the Contractors are anxious not to lose this fine weather. I wrote to London about the plan of your land being served incorrectly and have no doubt it will be soon attended to___

I remain Sir

Your obedient Servant

Arthur S. Hawaud

 Revd. William Uthwatt

3 Victoria Street
Westminster .SW.

11 July 1864

Dear Sirs


Re  Uthwatt

We understand you and Mr Uthwatt will be at Newport Pagnell on Thursday and is Mr Kichrie the Companies Surveyor will be there on the same day he will take the opportunity of calling upon you with a view to seal the terms of Mr Uthwatt Land.

I hardly return on adequate notice to treat with acceptance of service duly indorsed

Yours Truly

Hargrove Fowler M Blunt

Mofin Herne Co Buckingham


Newport Pagnell to Olney Railway


In 1865 Parliament granted powers to extend the Wolverton to Newport Pagnell Railway that was already under construction to Olney. Contractors started work on cuttings and embankments between Newport Pagnell and Olney passing through Sherrington, almost as soon as their work on the Newport Pagnell line had finished. The proposed route ran from the station at Newport Pagnell across Bury Field and then onto the west of Lathbury and then onto the Market town, Olney. A further extension was thought to extend this line to join the Northampton and Peterborough line to Wellingborough. The estimated cost was £72,000 and the line was to be built within five years. Construction of the single-track line started, including a bridge over Wolverton Road in Newport Pagnell (where the Police Station was situated) The extensions beyond Newport Pagnell were never built with powers lapsing in 1871 although  some work had been undertaken there is still evidence of a start being made on the local common land, Bury Field and between Olney and Newport Pagnell there are long banks or hollows in the fields with trees. They are the remains of a railway that nearly came to run from Wolverton to Olney.  Only the first four miles of the line was ever finished, less than one fifth of the total scheme but was halted due to financial difficulties. In 1871 a three-year time extension was granted, but the problems continued and the project was abandoned. There’s no sign of the bridge over Wolverton Road it was demolished in 1875, and the bricks were used to build cottages nearby.

Paper cutting showing bridge crossing the High Street was demolished in 1875 after the time extension ran out when the the company was having financial difficulties.

The last passenger service was the 5:34 pm train from Newport Pagnell on 5 September 1964

Image from an Auction site

Ivatt 2MT-A ,2-6-2T Built 02/10/1948 ,Withdrawn 31/12/1966 ,Disposal 30/09/1967 Push Pull Fitted. Standing at Station before closure. Note the notice board with closure notice. (Ex.Colour Rail)                                (David Farron Collection) 

Driver and Fireman pose with 84002 at Newport Pagnell, 27-6-59  (©Neville Stead)

84002 at the Station 27-06-1959 (©James Harrold)
 84004 -2MT2-6-2T  BR Standard Class 2 Tank. at platform

Railway Correspondence & Travel Society Buckingham Rail Tour (David Farron Collection)

Newport Pagnell from the Air c1930. Station and goods yard lower picture (David Farron Collection)

Wolverton Road  AEC B TYPE BUS c1913 Opposite Newport Pagnell Station (The Compliments of the Season love from A.R. No date or post mark)

Hayfield Brothers, Omnibus Operators, of Newport Pagnell

Looking West with the Newport Pagnell Station on the Right. (David Farron Collection)  Card Date Stamped 1913

The Card Reads (not 100 percent on wording). 8 Sept  Dear K.  Many happy returns of Tuesday.   We had a very heavy thunderstorm yesterday.  With Love to all, yours truly  M.A

Same as above, Wolverton Road Flooding 0f the 29 April 1908.  (David Farron Collection)

British Rail Archive Photo Newport Pagnell. BR IVATT 2MT 2-6-2T  41289 AUTO TRAIN 30.06.1962. (David Farron Collection)

Auto Train at platform waiting to depart. No date given. (David Farron Collection)

RCTS Special. LNWR 58887 WEB 0-6-2 at Newport Pagnell 10 October 1954. A Wolverton works shunter until May 1955 (David Farron Collection)

Signal post on what is now the Milton Keynes Red way from Blue Bridge to Newport Pagnell.

Signal Arm with "fixed home Signal" 1948 The signal post remains donated by British Rail (H C Casserley)

Newport Pagnell Shed and Signal 10-04-1948 (H C Casserley)(David Farron Collection)

Same signal as above c.1960 (John Mann Collection)


Ground Fram and Station (John Faulkner Collection)

CD7-Wolverton Shunter at Newport Pagnell  28 June 1958 RCGB special (David Farron Collection)

LCGB Tour 17-10-64 4MT 2-6-4T 42105 at Newport Pagnell (David Farron Collection)
2-6-4T 42105 on a Post Card (un-posted)

BR Loco. 4215 NPP.17 Oct.1964 (©Terry Tracey)

LCGB Tour 42105 at Newport Pagnell 17-10-1964 (David Farron Collection)

Newport Pagnell to Great Linford 1964

Old Shipley Wharf sidings including Coales and son sidings. The goods wagon would be a common sight in sidings.

Looking out to Newport Pagnell High Street entrance (John Coales Collection) 

Fire at the Mill on Monday, the 15th of November, 1880

The entrance to Coales Mill (John Coales Collection)

The sidings alongside "Hives" later Coales Mill (John Coals Collection)

Obituary from the Guardian News Paper.

A Later picture to the one above with buildings added. Station Road to the left. (media print)

Old post card un-posted. Not sure if writing was added after or printed with this under picture (David Farron Collection)

Railway Yard Newport Pagnell 1986 (David Farron Collection)

Newport Pagnell Goods yard looking from Station Platform 17/10/1964

Station Aproach Road 1959 (©James Harrold)

A paper back by Bill Simpson on the Wolverton to Newport Pagnell Branch with details on the Newport Pagnell Sidings

LNWR CD7 leaving Newport Pagnell 28 June 1958 [see rail-tours] (David Farron Collection)

Newport Pagnell 10 October 1954. J.J.Davies (David Farron Collection)

Newport Pagnell 25 January 1954

"From the Air"  Post Card un-posted
Luggage Label

Railway Tavern Post Card un-posted

Another view of the junction of Station Road and High Street
 The Railway Tavern on the left.

Railway Tavern Post Card Dated 1936

Excerpt form a British Rail Track Plan 

Withdrawal of Rail Services

LNWR General Parcels Way Bill from Newport Pagnell to Mansfield vier Rugley 21-12-1895.

c1960. A well deserved rest before the return to Wolverton

Early 1960 Just arrived with passengers begining to board.

Early 1960 Waiting for departure signal

CD7 on the LCGB NWBL Rail Tour 28 June 1958

Newport Pagnell 1962. Note: the Advertising board looks out of place compared to photo's from the same year elsewhere on here

Newport Pagnell 1962. 
Note the Advertising board has an Advert from the same year as above (John.Faulkner Collection)

LMR_B.R. cl.2 2-b-2T - 84002 
The 14:45 ex Wolverton at Newport Pagnell 31 March 1962 - (John Faulkner Collection)

Ground Frame and Station 1962 (John Faulkner Collection)

3 days before closure 41222 Just arrived

Time for a chat before leaving Newport Pagnell 19 March 1955(David Farron Collection)

Three Days before closure waiting for engine turn for the return journey.

A Very publicised photo with many other images of the final Saturday train at Newport Pagnell.

Ivatt 2t  2-62t 41222 at NPP 18-05-1963 (David Farron Collection)

Two views of 41222 at Newport Pagnell  with Auto Train 31-07-1964 (David Farron Collection)

Newport Pagnell Station before closure 1964

LNWR Coal Tank 0-6-2T stands at platform departing as the 13:12 to Wolverton 10 April 1948. This engine was allocated to Bletchley in 1946 and scraped on the 26-10-1950.           (HC Casserley) (David Farron Collection)

Newport Pagnell on the 10 April 1948. Ready to depart for Wolverton. The goods wagons on the left are waiting to be collected. (HC Casserley) (David Farron Collection)

The Coach,  probably a North London Railway No.1101.Note the Advert Board                        "Jennings portable building Co.Bristol"


Train Ticket from 15 September 1884

Last days of service 41222 at platform (©Colour Rail Image) (David Farron Collection)

42062 pushing (illegal) The 01-30 out of N.N.P. to Wolverton 02-05-64 (David Farron Collection)

Press Media Contact sheet May 1980 before construction of the Milton Keynes Red way System.
(David Farron Collection) 

Driver and Firman having a break while LMS Ivatt Class 2 2-6-2T - '41275' stands at the platform.
(David Farron Collection)